The Coast With The Most

The sun-drenched Pacific Coast of Mexico is a thousand miles of beaches, palm trees, seaside resorts and quaint fishing villages, with an economy based on fishing, agriculture, livestock and, thanks to its many natural blessings, tourism.

It’s home to a modern infrastructure, a handful of well-served international airports, and a spectrum of activities and eco pursuits, making it one of Mexico’s most sought-after regions for meeting planners.

Sinaloa State

Known as “Mexico’s Breadbasket,” Sinaloa’s economy is based on agriculture, livestock breeding, commerce, industry and fishing—the latter performed with the second largest fishing fleet in the country, which sails out of Mazatlan.

City: Mazatlan

Nayarit State

The state of Nayarit is predominantly an agricultural state, but with its significant share of coastline on the Pacific Ocean, it’s no surprise fishing and tourism are both high on its economic agenda. Over the past few years it has built a reputation as a luxury enclave and a top destination in Mexico for meetings and incentives of the boardroom kind.

City: Riviera Nayarit

Jalisco State

Known as the “Most Mexican State”, Jalisco earned its name by being the birthplace of the mariachi, tequila, the Mexican rodeo (charreadas) and the Mexican hat dance, properly called the jarabe tapatío. Though its economic strength is in Guadalajara (See “CENTRAL: Guadalajara), the seaside city of Puerto Vallarta is an important component as Mexico’s second-most visited tourist destination, with tourism making up 50% of its economic activity, followed by agriculture and fishing.

City: Puerto Vallarta

State of Colima

This small state on the central Pacific coast has one of the highest standards of living in Mexico, fueled by agriculture (they produce about half of Mexico’s lime crop), forestry, fishing, mining and manufacturing, with commerce and services—mostly linked with the port in Manzanillo—generating about two-thirds of the state’s GDP.

City: Manzanillo

State of Guerrero

Tourism drives the economy for the state of Guerrero—small wonder with glittering resorts like Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo and Acapulco gracing its beautiful stretch of the Pacific.

Cities: Acapulco,Ixtapa Zihuatanejo


    4 Estrellas o más
  • 10,674
  • 11,269

  • 4,977
  • 2,469
  • 8,500
  • 9,792


  • 556
  • 417

  • 236
  • 121
  • 412
  • 556
  • 1,279
  • 7

  • 132
  • 44
  • 182
  • 1,279

Conventions Center Space

  • Mazatlán
    • Mazatlán International Center
  • Puerto Vallarta
    • Puerto Vallarta International Convention Center
  • Colima
    • Allegra Centro de Convenciones
  • Acapulco
    • Centro Internacional Acapulco
    • Mundo Imperial Acapulco
    • The Fairmont Acapulco Princess
  • Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo
    • Centro de Convenciones Azul Ixtapa
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