Trade Capitals

After NAFTA, business found fertile ground in the big cities, many of which were already well modernized and had a sound infrastructure capable of making the best of the treaty. Top industries concentrated in this area include automotive, tech, aerospace and agroindustry.

Chihuahua State

Key industries include tourism, mining, agroindustry, automotive, electronics, life sciences and information technology, making the entire state a thriving economic center. Chihuahua is home to 4 Aerospace Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and growing certified supply base of more than 30 world class companies.

City: Chihuahua City ,Ciudad Juarez

Coahuila State

The state of Coahuila produces over one-third of Mexico’s steel, supplying manufacturing facilities owned by big US automakers; it’s also the country’s top mining state

City: Saltillo, Torreon

Durango State

Durango is developing one of the most ambitious investment programs, which focuses on road infrastructure and communications. The state is part of the largest industrial corridor in North America and Mexico´s most dynamic region.

City:Durango City

Nuevo Leon State

Nuevo León is a frontier state that has the ideal logistics location for doing business in the North American market. Its dynamism, labor productivity and industrial diversity have attracted more than 2,200 foreign firms to the following sectors: metal mechanic, home appliances, automotive, information technologies and aerospace, among others. Ten of the twenty leading companies in Mexico are headquartered in Monterrey, as well as three of the most renowned universities in Latin America.

Sonora State

Sonora is known for its tourism, agribusiness, fishing, livestock, mining and manufacturing in maquiladoras, including large automotive factories and, more recently, the aerospace industry



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  • World Meeting Forum. Monterrey, 2016
  • Seminario Internacional de Minería. Sonora, 2016
  • Congreso Mexicano del Petróleo. Monterrey, 2016
  • Foro Mundial de Recursos Humanos. Monterrey, Junio 2017
  • XXIV Congreso Nacional de Investigación en Medicina. Monterrey, Octubre 2017