Fertile for Business

The rich lands of the Gulf region cradled ancestral cultures that helped shape the Mexico we know today.

Big industry, meetings, ecotourism and cultural tourism: all this and more come together in the Gulf area, cemented by the warmth and professionalism of its people.

State of tabasco

Though not one of Mexico’s largest states, Tabasco has nonetheless reveled in great wealth thanks to its oil-rich lands.

City: Villahermosa

Tamaulipas State

The state of Tamaulipas is ready for business—in fact, a full 80 percent of its tourism is generated by the business industry. And with 370 miles (596 km) bordering the Gulf, numerous lakes, rivers and beaches, it’s also an excellent venue for hunting and fishing.

City: Tampico

State of Veracruz

The verdant state of Veracruz boasts one of Mexico’s leading economies based on agriculture and petroleum, with an additional emphasis on petrochemical and chemical manufacturing.

City: Port of Veracruz


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  • 4,641
  • 2,067
  • 271


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  • 388
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Conventions Center Space

  • Villahermosa
    • Tabasco 2000 Centro de Convenciones
  • Tampico
    • Expo Tampico
  • Veracruz
    • World Trade Center Veracruz

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  • OGEP 2016 Foro Petrolero COPARMEX
  • II Congreso Internacional de Hemostasia y Trombosis
  • Congreso EMCPER 2016, Veracruz
  • Carnaval de Veracruz 2017