Mexico’s Powerhouse

The automotive and aerospace industries thrive in this region, as do tech and agroindustry. It’s also home to Mexico City, one of the most important financial centers of the Americas.

State of Aguascalientes

Aguascalientes is a leader in the growth of the manufacturing industry, based on the development of clusters for industry sectors such as textiles, cars, electronics, information technologies, commerce and services, exports, robotics, food, furniture, and transportation.

City: Aguascalientes

Estado de Mexico

Often abbreviated as Edomex, tourism is a strong contributor to the economy, but its most important sectors are industry and manufacturing.

City: Toluca,Valle de Bravo

State of Guanajuato

Much of the state’s robust growth is thanks to its strong manufacturing sector, with an especially strong automobile industry. Metals, leather goods and processed foods also make up a significant portion of the state’s GDP, and Guanajuato is also one of Mexico’s top tourism draws.

City: Guanajuato, Léon, San Miguel de Allende

State of Hidalgo

Mining is Hidalgo’s traditional large-scale economic activity, with mature sectors in metal-mechanics, auto parts, mining, textiles and automotive.

City: Pachuca

State of Jalisco

Jalisco ranks third in the country economically, with tourism, the tequila industry and handicraft exports supplementing income from manufacturing and agriculture.

City: Guadalajara

Mexico City

In 2016 Mexico City ceased to be called the Federal District (Distrito Federal) and is now a formal state with more autonomy. It’s the country’s largest city and Mexico’s most important political, cultural, educational and financial center. In Spanish you’ll see it written out as CDMX, a brisk acronym that reflects its modern, dynamic image.

State of Michoacan

Michoacan is the world leader in avocado production. Most industrial activity (iron, steel, bottling and paper products) is located in or near the capital city, Morelia.

City: Morelia

State of Morelos

Mining and construction account for nearly a third of this state’s GDP, with top exports in the automobile, auto parts, textile and pharmaceutical areas.

City: Cuernavaca

State of Puebla

A leading manufacturer of automobiles and auto parts, followed by metal mechanics, chemicals, plastics, apparel, furniture, fresh and processed foods, mining and information technologies.

City: Puebla

State of Queretaro

Overall, the state has one of the country’s strongest economies, with several main sectors including agriculture, mining/industry, commerce/services and aerospace manufacturing.

City: Querétaro

State of San Luis Potosi

The automotive industry is one of its most important sectors; it’s also nationally and internationally recognized as a hub of scientific and technological innovation

City: San Luis Potosí

State of Zacatecas

The state’s dominant sector is mining (it mostly accounts for Mexico’s status as the world’s largest silver producer) but has diversified into livestock, agriculture, communications, food processing, tourism and transportation.

City: Zacatecas


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The automotive and aerospace industries thrive in this region, as do tech and agroindustry. It’s also home to Mexico City, one of the most important financial centers of the Americas.


Conventions Center Space

  • Aguascalientes
    • Centro de Convenciones de San Marcos
  • CDMX
    • Centro Médico Nacional Siglo XXI
    • Auditorio BlackBerry
    • Centro Citibanamex
    • Expo Santa Fe
    • Expo Reforma
    • Hilton Hotel Mexico City Reforma
    • World Trade Center Mexico City

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