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The Baja California Peninsula is made up of two Mexican states: Baja California and Baja California Sur.

While agriculture is a significant part of the peninsula as a whole, heavy manufacturing is present in the northern reaches. Both Mexican states in the Baja Peninsula have seen accelerated tourism growth, with Baja California Sur’s Los Cabos area becoming a spectacular player in the luxury market.

State of Baja California

The economy of the State of Baja California relies on tourism (including medical tourism), agro-industry and manufacturing (medical devices and TV sets). It also has one of the leading aerospace manufacturing clusters in Mexico, with the automotive industry close on its heels.

State of Baja California Sur

The most dynamic aspect of Baja California Sur’s economy is tourism, followed by mining, agriculture (including organic products) and commercial fishing.



The development of the aerospace industry in Baja California originated with more than four decades of manufacturing activities. It is one of the most important federal entities for the Mexican aerospace industry. It has approximately 76 companies focused on the sector, which have registered exports of 1,533 million dollars annually. The United States receives most of Baja California's exports; The rest goes to Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, among other countries. It should be noted that exports from this region have maintained sustained growth since 2002.

Ensenada Industry

Medical devices

Baja California concentrates the most important cluster in the country; their companies represent 31% of the sector's total exports and are mostly related to the manufacture and assembly of equipment and components. This state has 196 economic units and around 80 medical device exporters, among them Smiths, Tyco Healthcare, Cardinal Healt, among others (source: ProMéxico)..


  • Los Cabos International Film Festival 2016
  • Congreso Nacional de Oncología, Octubre 2016
  • Congreso Internacional de Ciencias de la Salud CICSI, Octubre 2016
  • Cabo Music Fest 2017
  • Baja Culinary Fest 2017. Tijuana, BC
  • Expo Construcción Internacional, Tijuana 2017


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